About Us

Why is WTE different?

Respect, responsibility and sustainability are our core values. Working To Empower is different from other "aid/development" organizations for several important reasons:

(i) WTE does not have any offices anywhere in the world. Instead, WTE uses and builds capacity within already existing locally based organizations.

(ii) WTE also has no vehicles or paid staff (our local peer educators do receive small incentive). Our focus is upon locally developed initiatives and we only work with organizations who have requested a partnership, using their members and expanding the work already under way by these locals who are concerned about their community and seeking to make positive change, particularly in regards to HIV and AIDS.

(iii) WTE is also culturally and socially focused within its approach to HIV and AIDS education, as opposed to being medically centered. We intend our approaches to be respectful and sustainable through the use of locally based organizations and people, the key to any positive change in the eyes of our team. Projects driven and sustained by members of the local community are the goal and intended result of all our projects.

Who We Are

Working to Empower is run by a Board of Directors influenced and collaborating with community based organizations from Tanzania, Benin, Ethiopia, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda.

Our Vision

Working to Empower places sustainability and community-based empowerment at the center of its core vision. We are working to ensure that communities are able to access the knowledge, skills and tools to empower each other, with a focal involvement on HIV/AIDS education. As we train young men and women in the refugee camps we are working in, members of these teams are selected by their peers to become HIV/AIDS educators. For such work, they will receive a small incentive and will engage their communities to train others to become HIV/AIDS educators. We hope that this will spark local action around HIV/AIDS and will result in sustainable education initiatives. As WTE evolves, we will continue to place the values of Responsibility, Respect and Sustainability at the centre of each of our projects. Working in equality with local partners, we will strive to empower local, community-based action that is context-specific.

Our Mission

Working to Empower seeks to empower sustainable community-based change through a variety of locally demanded processes. Focal to this work is the promotion of HIV/AIDS education via seminars and community-wide outreach sensitization work. We are a globally-focused non-governmental organization centering on HIV/AIDS programs on youth lead by youth as this age group is the most heavily affected. Recognizing that other ages and aspects of societies require change additional initiatives are implemented. We place high value in the ability of youth to engage with critical issues such as HIV/AIDS in their own communities in order to create long-term, locally-centered change. We work as a collective of individuals and organizations around the world to ensure that disadvantaged and vulnerable peoples are empowered with the knowledge and opportunity to enable social change.

Our History

Working to Empower has grown into a vibrant, youth-led and driven organization through the hard work of people around the world. Partnerships began in 2005 when Logan Cochrane initiated WTE. Since then, volunteers have committed time and energy in all corners of the earth. WTE is a partnership between community-based organizations in Africa so as to foster positive community-led change.

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